General Rules


We try to give you the best possible tournament experience and to improve with every tournament. This isn’t doable without your help though.

Please don’t act like an asshole! Nobody, not the coaches, not the competitors, not our team wants to deal with one on competition day. We all want to have fun!

Always keep in the back of your head that there usually is next person using whatever place you are using right now. Act like you were that next person. Also although we have people cleaning the toilets, does not mean that they have a fetish related to shitters which look like something exploded on them. Be fair!

Follow all orders of our personel without arguments. If you have any problems please stick to the organizer Heiko Bentrup and start argueing with him. He likes it.

Same goes for on the mats. Our head ref Sven Groten will be happy to deal with all your objections.


  • Stick to the accepted social norms this hemisphere has agreed on and take a shower in the morning for sake of your opponents and also of the IRONBORN team. This includes your hair as well. Stinky people might be shamed and bullied into showering.
  • Absolutely no visiting the toilets without shoes. Instant DQ without further warning if you get caught!
  • No dirty or stinky clothes. Learn to wash your uniforms properly and wash them daily! There are special hygienic conditioners available. Stink is caused solely by bacteria. Yuck!
  • Absolutely no competing with serious skin conditions. Nobody needs ring worm or enjoys a nice staph infection. If you get caught, you will not only be disqualified, but also be banned from all future events! If you are not sure, ask your coach first and then out team. We will be happy to advise you.
  • Finger nails and toe nails have to be clipped very short and clean. No artificial nails or anything similar.


  • Give your opponents the chance to tap. Always respect the tap. Any violation of these simple rules will lead to an instant DQ and ban from all further events.
  • Absolutely no jewelry. A traditional wedding band with no corners and sharp edges is the only exception. For your own safety we adice you to take it off as well though.
  • Absolutely no groin guards! We are competing in jiu jitsu, not krav maga. Protect your balls at all times.
  • No head gear.
  • No shoes.
  • A mouth guard is not mandatory, but recommended.



  • Stick to general consent on what’s not offensive. If you want to get your political, religous, dietary or or whatever opinions out there, our events are not the place. Also keep in the back of your head that we have children present. So no porn hub screen shots and alike please and keep gore to an acceptable minimum. Slayer is OK.
  • No pockets, zippers, buttons and sharp edges. No holes.
  • No foot wear unless you are Eddie Bravo. If you are Eddie you still cannot wear any shoes. If you try to wear grappling socks, we will double your admission fees.
  • You will only weigh-in once for both divisions without a gi.


  • Tight top. Compression wear / rash guard favoured.
  • Shorts or spats. No need to wear shorts over spats.
  • Bare naked chest is OK. Trousers are mandatory though.


  • Stick to acceptable lengths. We won’t start measuring it, you should know yourself.
  • Any color or pattern is acceptable as long as you stick to the other rules.
  • Any patch is OK unless it breaks other rules.