„Sandbagging“ will not be tolerated and lead to instant disqualification of the whole team, retroactively as well and will also mean exclusion of all following events.

Please take note that we will put together weight classes and/or divisions where it makes sense. All weight classes and divisions will be finalized when the brackets are released.

Weight classes can only be switched until end of registration. It’s not possible to swap weight classes when you do not make weight. You will not be able to compete if you don’t make weight!


  • 7-9 years of age
  • 10-12 years of age
  • 12-15 years of age

Teens from the age of 16 and up must compete in their corresponding adult classes!

Weight classes: -20kg, -25kg, -30kg, -35kg, -40kg, -45kg, -50kg, 50kg+

Depending on age! Please refer to smoothcomp for details.

Kids will also not be able to switch weight classes once the registration is closed! Please weigh your kids on the start of competition week and eventually change their classes early enough!


  • Novice: Up to six months of grappling. All grappling (judo, wrestling, etc.) and MMA counts. White belts only!
  • Beginner: Up to two years of grappling. All grappling (judo, wrestling, etc.) and MMA counts. BJJ white belts and Luta Livre orange belts at max.
  • Advanced: Up to five years of grappling. Bluebelts at max.
  • Expert/Pro: All professional fighters (includes MMA) and purplebelts and up

This is meant as an OR condition. For example if you have a blue belt OR train for longer than two years, you have to compete in the „Advanced“ brackets.

It does not matter if you train in the gi or not. We do not have belt classes in the traditional sense. If you train longer than five years and want to compete in the gi, you will also have to compete in the „Expert/Pro“-brackets there.

Show some pride and confidence in yourself! You can do it. We believe in you!

Weight classes:

Male: -65kg, -70kg, -75kg, -80kg, -85kg, -90kg, -95kg, -100kg, 100kg+

Female: -65kg, 65kg+


Follow the link to our page on smoothcomp